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Hello everyone and welcome to my online school of wealth website. For the last twelve years, I have been looking for money online. I have been scammed over and over by High Yield Investment Programs (HYIPs) and lost money in network marketing companies that I could not promote. Living and schooling in Ghana in the early 2000s where the internet was a scarce commodity, I did not get the right kind of education on how to make money online. After 20 years, the internet and its related activities are still for the privileged few.

I have muddled my way through to know that there are legitimate ways to make money online. The journey has been long for me though, it shouldn’t be that long for others too. Now I want to give back to people all over the world, especially in the least developed countries. I want to help them know the basics of making money online at my online school of wealth.


I have spent the greater part of my life in the formal educational system where I was groomed to be an employee either for the government or the private sector. After my master’s education in 2010, I was employed by my country’s education Service but lost my job due to my inability to combine that with the private business that I started in 2011. After an unsuccessful attempt to secure employment in the public sector, I resolved to partner with friends to establish businesses.

Since I did not have any capital apart from my knowledge, I happen to be the manager of all the businesses that we established. Three of the four businesses that we established were in the financial sector and the other was in the Agric sector. Things were initially moving well till intermittent nationwide financial crises had irreparable consequences for our businesses. I had to quit and rethink a new path for my life.

In 2008, a brother-friend introduced me to online businesses. For me, it was the era of high yield investment programs (HYIPs). I tried to put some of my hard-earned money into some HYIPS but lost all. Later my friend also introduced me to network marketing. When I started reading about network marketing, I was looking for legitimate companies and a very sustainable way to make money online. In one of my searches online, I chanced on a link to Wealthy Affiliate and I spent two nights trying to understand what has to offer. Then I realized the new path I was looking for. Now I know success in every field of life begins with having the right kind of knowledge in the field. I have resolved to use this platform to help people know how to make legitimate money online through the acquisition of knowledge and network marketing. I call this process school-of-wealth.


The internet does more than just facilitating communication and sharing of information. It is now the biggest employer of people in the world. However, the lion’s share of what the internet offers goes to the people in wealthy countries, while the majority of people in the least developed countries do not know how they also can make a living by working and doing business online.

The world has changed now, every business is going online. Even in developing countries, some government services like passports, business registrations, and tax payments, are being offered online. Making a living online is gradually becoming the way to go for people in developing countries too.

However, in their attempt to try ways of making money online, many people in the least developed countries get bullied and scammed by unscrupulous people since they do have the right kind of knowledge.

I want to help people who want to make online do so with ease with the right kind of knowledge. My philosophy is that success in any field begins with having the right kind of knowledge.


One does not have to try doing anything without basic knowledge about it. Likewise, working and doing business online must begin requisite know-how. This website has been created to help people know that there are legitimate ways of making money online. Here we share information about some of these legitimate ways to help people distinguish legitimate online businesses from fraud and scam ones. We make a recommendation based on our research and credible and authentic information we gather about companies and people who offer sources of wealth on the internet.

Our recommendations should not be seen as ends but as means to making decisions about how to make money online.

All the best,


Founder of Online School of Wealth

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